Crowdsourcing vs. Competitive Market

According to Wikipedia “Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people”, but there are several misunderstandings around it which we aim to briefly clarify with this post.

There are several models of problem solving and community based work, which are all collected under the umbrella title: crowdsourcing. The issue is that some of them is more like outsourcing to a competitive market. If you make an open call for individuals to solve a problem or to get something done and the winner would get a reward, than you have outsourced. There is no problem with this approach, but probably should not be called crowdsourcing. On the contrary, if a bigger community works together to solve a problem or to deliver a solution, bit by bit, in a real and open collaboration than the wisdom and cooperation of the crowd solves the problem. This is the true nature crowdsourcing.

Brickflow is a platform under development to make it easy and playful to crowdsource bits of creative multimedia projects in the above described spirit. There are other true crowdsourcing solutions, but we do something more: merge the crowdsourcing platform with the playful tools of the create work.